How to choose outdoor energy storage battery
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First, the working principle

Portable outdoor energy storage power supply is a kind of outdoor emergency power supply which is composed of charger, inverter, battery, isolation transformer, switching switch, etc., BMS and other devices.

The portable energy storage power supply consists of a set of AC+DC charging +AC and DC inverters. When the public power supply is normal, the battery in the portable outdoor energy storage is in a charging state. Once the main power supply is interrupted, the battery immediately outputs the stored DC power to the inverter and converts it to AC power to wait for startup, charging the device. Under normal circumstances, the time that the battery maintains power will be determined according to the power of the electrical equipment used.

Second, power and battery capacity

To buy outdoor energy storage batteries, remember two knowledge points: W (watt), Wh (watt hour).

The unit of power is W (watt) and the unit of capacity is Wh (watt-hour). Simply put, the former determines what kind of appliances can be used, and the latter determines how long they can be used.

When we are camping outdoors, we need to use electric cookers, induction cookers, barbecue ovens, electric hot pot, small fans and other appliances, want to support the use of these appliances, we need the power of the outdoor power supply is about 1000W, and the battery capacity is 600-800Wh.

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