The Development Status and Trends of Global Solar Photovoltaic Power Station
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Hotel hot water is a large-scale commercial hot water. Generally, the hot water is unstable, mostly because the hot water equipment is not cold resistant, and the heating efficiency is affected after the weather becomes cold. Therefore, various hot water suppliers have put a lot of effort on low-temperature heating, and hotel air-energy water heaters are one of the fastest breakthroughs in this regard.

In the hardware configuration of the hotel air energy water heater, the compressor used is a special compressor for the Copeland heat pump, which has stable performance and strong heating; the electronic expansion valve is also a well-known national brand with high control accuracy and excellent performance; technically, It also uses a variety of advanced low-temperature heating technologies such as DC frequency conversion, air jet enthalpy, intelligent defrosting, anti-freezing, etc., so that the unit can still perform heating work stably and smoothly when facing the harsh weather environment in low-temperature areas, and save energy The performance is super strong, and the daily operation can save the hotel a huge amount of operating costs.

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